Good Sayings Gone Bad

With the election ahead of us looming large on the Horizon,  I feel compelled to provide some of the word plays that symbolizes how I feel.   Donald Trump is a jerk.  He is the kind of bully that rolls over people and I grew up with this kind of self centered a-hole my entire life as a child.  There were a lot of kids that I went to school with that felt some kind of privilege based on who their parents were.  A prime example of this was Tommy's ball glove.  When we played baseball at recess, we had to share what few ball gloves there were.  Not Tommy who was sure that sweat from the kid in the outfield would forever stain his glove and make it less than the best glove in the whole school. 

Did I mention that I had a father that hated liars worse than about anything else.  I have it in my mind that Hillary might recognize the truth three times out of ten but can be counted on to make up a pack of lies instead.  It was a "vast Right Wing Conspiracy" that publicized Bill's fooling around with an intern.  "What difference does it make"   and finally "No classified information ever was on my computer."   There is a bunch of us that might, just might forgive her if she just told us that she did it and move on.  Nope, she had to tell us a pack of lies to cover her ass.  Yep, it does need covered.

I shudder to think that the Law of Unintended Consequences may be looming just over the horizon.   How can the biggest "Wheeler Dealer" in New York be counted on to bring the needed change to Washington where brokering a deal is a part of getting up in the morning?  Instead of fixing problems, I shudder to think that a man that has used chapter 11 four times is going to be in charge.  Without the support of even his party, what kind of brokerage will he use to realign our Government?

I am just amazed that in spite of all the snehagians done in the Clinton Name that even the most liberal party can find it in their heart to want Hillary in Charge.  Wasn't the last 8 years enough.  Just who are they going to blame all the failures on when the inevitable happens?   I know, George Bush is still alive. 

I have often read that the solution to our problem is throwing out all of the Senators and Representatives and starting over.  At least people want term limits.  What that would do is to fill the ranks of Washington D.C. with more and more just unelected people to lobby the newbie's to change everything they way "Big Money" wants it to be.  That is one unintended consequence I do not look forward to.

Oh well, at least I got this off my chest this morning without offending the sensibilities of Facebook.  Thank god they do have a few people to screen the pictures for really stupid selfies.  There is a pack of stupid people with cameras out there and they just think Mega pixels don't count.  Well some of us can count that high even if we don't care to.


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  1. Well said! My thoughts exactly. I'm thinking that I will have to leave the box for president unchecked in this election, but that doesn't solve anything either. Both of them scare the #$*& out of me! And I don't see any "lesser of 2 evils" as a good choice this time.