Mean Uncle Denny (MUD)

I hope you all know by now that my Non de Plume is like a funny saying and really doesn't reflect who I am or what I do.  I was given that nickname by a niece that I love a lot and I hope she feels the same way about me and the wife Barbara. 

I am an old retired Colonel from the Army and living what I call the good life.  We have enough money to do as we wish and share some of it with our son and his wife.  I also hope there is some left over when I go to Fiddler's Green that the kids will be able to continue in the style we have.  Fiddler's Green is that mythical place where all soldiers go when they die and the legend is they get to share a canteen cup of grog with their friends until they run out of war stories to tell.  If George Parker is there telling jokes and I am telling stories there will be a horrific traffic jam as soldiers are waiting to get in (or Out).

I am what I call a compassionate conservative.  I want our Government to cut spending and yet support those that are truly in need.  Not in greed, but in need.  I think that old saying that teaching a guy to fish is way much better than feeding him fish.  When we were in Maine a few years back we were told that the Prisoners there actually complained about the large number of Lobsters they were forced to eat.  I saw one in a tank the other day at the store and they want $20 for a fairly small lobster. I personally didn't think all that much of the lobster but the blue berry pie was simply the best.  Throw on a scoop of ice cream and I would be in hog heaven.

Once upon a time a good friend told me that he eats to live and I told him that I live to eat.  Guess who's skinny butt had a heart attack first?  Eating all that beans and rice can kill a guy.  You really don't live longer, it just seems like it. 

Yesterday morning Barb said we should go on a bike ride.  I loaded up the bikes and we went over to Lake Shawnee.  The first thing I noticed was that there was something poking me square in the middle of my back.  I stopped to see what was wrong and I noticed that several of the straps I use for support had just given out.  I buy those hard black bungee cords at Harbor freight and they dry out and break after a couple of years.  I replaced the broken one's and will soon be riding back in style

This is how I feel


Oh well,    See ya, MUD

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