BBQ and Grilling?

Just for the record, I use the term grilling and BBQ interchangeably.   The reason is that when I grill, I use a Weber grill, charcoal  and Hickory.  I almost never cook the meat directly over the coals other than to sear a steak and then I use the  lid and smoke the meat in indirect heat.  For the purists, I realize that BBQ means slow and low.  To me, it is hickory smoke and indirect heat.  If this offends you, you haven't eaten many meals at my house. Now go get some charcoal and good meat and cook, grill or BBQ your way.



  1. What ever you call it, you can't beat the flavor! I have a Weber that's about 20 Yrs. old, still grilling just fine. Now, if I could just afford the steaks!!!

  2. I also buy Chicken a lot and there is nothing better than chicken marinated in Lime Tequila dressing and then grilled over coals. You should have been here for the soup I made out of a piece of left over grilled steak. Soup is the only way I can get the misses to eat cabbage.