Is it really Friday?

Hello Boys and Girls.

Today is more like March than it was any day in March.  We missed out on the rain that was to blow through yesterday and wonder when it will rain here again.  I really need to finish the drip irrigation to each plant in the garden.   The grass is doing OK, I had to re-mow the front part of the yard to make it look OK.  I mowed it a few days ago and was not happy with the way it turned out.   I think the grass was a little too wet and long for it to cut evenly.  It looks fine now.

I have been having a ball working with my AGCO Allis tractor.  I read that it was made in Italy and while it isn't a Ferrari, it works great. It is a diesel and I had forgot how noisy they are.  It is like someone is banging on a garbage can with two hammers.    I had forgotten how much work it was to have two bucket levers, a manual transmission and steer between the trees.  It reminds me of the old saying, "Busier than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest."   I think every time I do something else with it I learn something new.  Yesterday I wondered why the oil pressure light didn't come on when the engine wasn't running and the key was turned on.  I took the six screws out of the dash and saw that even if the light was on. there was so much dirt on the bulbs that I couldn't have seen it.  A little cleaning made that OK for now.   I am about to master the controls and do not hit the trees much more than I care to.

Barb's Photo work of me on my Toy
If it ever warms up some today, I plan on going out and moving some bigger rocks out of the back yard and make the joint look a little better.  Barb has some plans for a retaining wall as soon as I get the driveways all done.  

Just for the record, I do not have a trailer for the tractor so I can't haul it  to your  house.   I am sure that I could stay busy all day every day if I did.  The one thing I forgot was how much work it is to disconnect and reconnect implements on the back.  I am going to get a mirror because in my old age I  can't just swivel around as easily as I once could.  

The other day, I picked up something in the yard and threw it.  It barely made it into the woods.  I am getting slower than an old man and throw like a first grader.  (I was going to say like a girl but I'm sure that Amanda and her mother, Janet, both can throw almost as good as I ever could)    I can work hard but slow and that is something new for me.  

Oh well, it is the kind of day to stay inside and read a good book.   


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  1. Nice tractor, now you can get 'er done!