Sunday Again?

I am torn between posting a nice chatty piece or getting serious.  Part of me wants to be Mean (as in Mean Uncle Denny -hence MUD) and part of me wants to be the kind of guy that makes little girls smile at my silliness.  In the picture below is my brother Rick who turns 60 today.  I don't have a clue who the little guy in the picture is.  I'm sure that Barb took this picture and he is an example of cuteness.  

MUD & Rick and a little KU Fan

Yesterday the Master Gardeners had a booth at the green Fair at the Library.  As a member of the Youth Education Committee for that organization, Barb was in charge.  In addition to her focus on Butterflies, they had a Fly Fishing pond.  Barb put her normal twist in it by having fishing poles with spiders on as the bait and they caught plastic flies.  It was neat to see the looks on the different kids.  Barb also managed to have some Monarchs in her display.  She had one large caterpillar that was doing what teenage cats do - Eat and Poop. and one that was in a chrysalis. (Thank god for spell checker I never would have gotten that one right) She didn't bring the Monarch egg she found late this week.  Normally we don't find eggs and Cats early in the season.  The Adults seem to be on their way north of here but this year with all the warm weather we had Milk Weed plants up in record number.  Some year I want to go to Mexico to see the over winter sight in the mountains North West of Mexico City.  Perhaps a trip to California will get it out of my system.  There seems to be a place in Florida but I'm not sure where.

OK, end of the chatty stuff.  On to some real important things - At least to me!  And, after all this is my blog.

On Friday, I grilled some steak and Chicken outside on the patio.  While I am out there, I am allowed to select the noise pollution of my choice playing as loud as I want.  Barb says that from the inside of the house it sounds like that noise Snoopy makes on the TV specials.  Wah, Wah, Yah Yah, Wah...  The President of Standard Oil was on one of the Talk radio Shows and made an interesting point.  He said that if the United States, Mexico and Canada all got together and developed all the oil fields they have there is more oil here than in all of the Arab States.  He says that there will someday need to be new product to replace oil but if we put it all together we could generate millions of new jobs and tell the Arabs to go pound sand in less than 10 years.  let them eat oil or some of that sand.  I have advocated for years that we need to have an American Common Market and perhaps Oil production is the capstone of that.  

We need to have a congress that is focused on trying to figure out what are the most pressing problems in our world and focused on finding solutions.  They are so segmented now that they don't have a clue what is the biggest problem let along designing a horse by a committee. (That looks like a camel)  The people in Washington seem to want to run around and solve all the problems of the people without supporting the system that got us here.   

One of the Talk radio people said that if we divided all the money in the USA and gave everyone an equal share, in 20 years the money will have flowed back to where it is today because of the attitude of the people that want to make money.  The bottom of the scale is filled with people that want to spend it and the entrepreneurs will figure out a way to sell them what they want.  The Government will grow out of control because the poor will want the Government to divide the money again and again.  47% of the people paid no income taxes last year.  As significant number of them also got an Earned Income refund for not making it.  Unless we all put our shoulders to the wheel (or the brake in government spending) there is no happy ending for us. 

Enough you say!  Bye


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