Takin' a Day Off

This morning about 1/2 inch of rain fell here at rabbit Run and I decided that it might be a good day to just take the day off.  Yes, it is early and I might change my mind but for now, I'll just sit here and bang on the keys and then start delving deep into the Tax work.  I do need to feed Dave's info in and give him a worksheet so he can do his taxes.  We finally got the IRS to accept last year's taxes for him.  They had something screwed up in their data base and need to get Da' Barbs all figured out.  Between the Parks, Petty and now two Barb Petty's, they just had it screwed up.   They will probably get it right just in tome to give Dave the down payment on another used car.   Might be time for him to try one of them "Fereign" cars.   I  no longer care if my daddy rolls over in his grave.

Judging from all the green things growing here, Spring is pretty well sprung.   I think the tree pollen count is down a little and I don't seem to get headaches as bad.  I did notice that the car has kind of a green or yellow tint after the early morning dew the other day.    Not to mention one of the light sprinkles that came through just was full of dust.  I had to clean my windows to see and drive out of the driveway.

When is the United States going to grow up and get over all the Petty bickering?  There is a Burger King Advertisement for their new Chicken Wrap that has been labeled racist.  Lets see, a black woman singing about a tortilla filled with chicken and lettuce is racist?   How about Taco Bell commercials?  I love ribs, pork chops, watermelon, Spaghetti and meatballs,  Corned beef and cabbage and BBQ.  There is a whole bunch or other things like a Retired Army guy loving Navy bean soup but I'm sure the corn bread cancels that.  I have also been known to put Pinto Beans in my bean pot.  I thought that having a black President just might help bring all that crap to an end. 

This morning we had the Slaven guys over for breakfast and it is always good to see them and have them bring noise back into our lives.  They are back on their way to Dave and Barb's place to plant a magnolia for them.  It rained about one half of an inch and it is too wet to dig holes but if they want to get muddy, so be it.  I'm just staying here and hope they have fun.

OH Well, Things to do and miles to go.   (and perhaps a nap to take)


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  1. MUD, we will never see an end to the petty race bickering. Too many people have too much invested in it staying alive.

    Hey man...have a great Easter!