Race War?

All I heard when we got our first Afro American President was how much better thing were getting and how we could finally start to put a lot of the black white controversy to bed.  Now over the shooting of one black child in Florida, the Black Panthers are making all kinds of war talk.  There doesn't seem to be near the controversy about the fact that almost every weekend at least one black person is shot and killed here in Topeka by another black.  If the whites or the police were killing nearly as many black as they are, we would deserve a race war.  I would encourage the Black Panthers to work hard to find a way to inspire the black youth to find ways to be a success.  The days of everyone just getting job offer after job offer when they graduate is over.  That works for black and white graduates equally.  

The one thing I really fear is that we will really have a race war and we have all forgotten the period in our history where we played Cowboys and Indians.  I for one don't want to start having to be armed everywhere I go, but I am well enough armed to do so if needed.  

Lets all hope that the sane people prevail in this and we can find enough for everyone to do without the need to carry arms.  Lets arm the bears, not Bare Arms.


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  1. MUD, the idea that "race" will EVER die as an issue is just never going to be realized.

    There are too many people with too much money at stake involved in keeping it alive. I guarantee you that 90% of black folks that are killed in Shreveport are killed by other black folks.

    Same goes for white folks, too.

    I don't really believe that we will see a race war in the US. But, I do believe (if things don't turn around soon), we will see a "class" war. And, I mean things have got to turn around REAL soon.

    When the US Dollar fails (and on our current path, it will), and the gubmit starts offering IOUs to welfare recipients...and States fail because they've gotten themselves into the shape that they can not survive without Federal infusions of cash (which most of them have), we will see blood in the streets.

    But, it won't be a black v. white thing. It will be a "have nots v. haves" thing. So...hang on to your guns, and your precious metals (gold, silver, and lead).