Easter Doings

About three PM today we will have our son, our daughter-in-law and her friends over for lunch.  We will serve ham, garlic smashed potatoes, gravy, a green vegetable, deviled eggs and dessert is sliced strawberries over angel food cake.  Barb also is making some of her dinner rolls that I so love.    This year because of the diets, there is only one Easter Basket and we all have to share.  There are some new summer clothes to wear for each person.  

As soon as I close here, I will go up and do my best to clean the kitchen floor.  I helped make most of the mess so it it is only fair that I get to clean it.  Have you noticed that in the spring the floor gets wet and dirty a lot?  It is not quite as sticky as the candy and cookies made over the holidays but dirty none the less.  If time allows, I might even attack some of the windows so out guests can enjoy the beautiful view.  If not, they will appreciate it anyway.

Last night I watched the movie called the Garden of Stone  It is about the 3rd Infantry and their job of providing burial service in Arlington for service members that die and want to be buried there.  I think it is starting to get full and like most other Federal Cemeteries (Most Notably Fort Leavenworth) they are expanding their boundaries and/or restricting the criteria for burial there.  I know that the National cemetery just south of the VA in Leavenworth is not as fancy as Arlington, but it is beautiful in its nature of rolling hills and big old oak trees.  The movie reminded me that for a lot of reasons, the Government and then the people didn't understand the why's and wherefores of Vietnam.   About the time the Japanese left Indochina, all it would have taken was a little hand out to them and they would have been our friends.  Instead of supporting the Frogs (French) we could have had Ho Chi Min's gratitude if we had just helped them establish a Government that was for all not a corrupt few.  They could have been making tennis shoes for us in the 60's rather than 40 years later.   The bonus is we would have saved the lives of 58,000 service members killed in combat and another 50,000 in accidents.  Oh well, we always seem to learn too late.

Better run a dirty floor awaits.



  1. Hey MUD! Thanks for the tip on "Gardens of Stone." It is on Netflix, and I plan to put it up next in my DVD queue.

    Yeah...lots of mistakes/egos/bad judgment involved in Vietnam. You were there, and I was just a kid. I'm one of the few that believe we really did win the Vietnam war. Too many thoughts for a short comment.

    Hope y'all have a great afternoon, and that you eat enough candy to rot your teeth out.

  2. Vietnam was a war we won from a Military view and lost from a Political view. When we signed the peace accord the Military went home with their heads held high. the fact that we let North Vietnam attack back south and take it without a whimper made our efforts look like the Military lost. It was a lot like the Korean war where we signed a peace accord but in Korea we stuck around to keep them strong. Don't ask me why? I don't know why one we did and the other we didn't.