Thoughts for the Day

As you might tell by the above post, I am concerned that many people don't understand the concept of freedom.   There are many of you out there that believe the government can cure our Ills by limiting the freedom of the people we don't like or agree with.  Over and over, I hear people say that we need a law to shut down the Westborough Baptist Church so they don't picket at Military Funerals.  That is just so wrong on many levels.  First, they have the right to peacefully assemble, they have the right to free speech and the freedom of religion might be a stretch for me but for them, it is their way of showing what they believe.   

Start down the slippery slope of giving the government the right to start limiting our freedoms and the next thing the Government will come to your house the next time you voice your opinion about a politician.  I for one fought for the right to bear arms and shout that I am free to do what I can to bring change to our country.  I am fully aware that I must do the right things and will do my best to not do the wrong things, but whatever I chose, I understand your right to chose something different.  44 years of being married to the Master Gardener must be good for something.  

Have a great day.


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