Evolution Vs. Revolution

Today on TV a commentator pointed out that he felt that after the Muslim Spring, the people in the middle east are not going to stand for the dictatorships and they have called for revolutions for those countries that are resisting evolution to a more open form of Government.  As I see it, they are willing to exchange one form of Dictatorship for another.  I am hard pressed to understand how anyone can let a Cleric tell them how the have to live and not a self appointed Dictator.  With the major split between the Sunnis and the Shias and their distrust in each other, I am hard pressed to understand how either can rule without some major compromise.   Again, we have two branches of a "Peaceful" religion killing each other for power. 

In time, the United States would have evolved in the 1860's rather than have a civil war.  The unfortunate thing was there were such strong feelings that we dissolved into war.  It cost us about a half a million young men to decide that the Federal Government was stronger than a confederacy and try to hold this mass of states together. 

If you look forward to the problems of today, I see our Government revolving over the question of power between the political parties and not fixing the big problems.   Our borders are not secure as we speak and it is going to take a major significant emotional event to cause them to wake up and do something.  Perhaps when a terrorist organization imports a weapon of mass destruction or an agent of a strong disease we will wake up.

I see a new threat out there that is going to help cause a collapse from the inside.  Our Major Credit Cards have no security and we are being hacked one by one.  I currently have two cards waiting for their replacements.   I saw on 60 minutes that the same data hackers have figured out that the IRS has no concept of how to fix the problem of people filing fraudulent Tax returns and asking for the refund to be sent to them electronically and then having that money downloaded on a card they can spend anywhere anytime.  It is a problem about how the businesses file their information on your withholding and  there is no match up of that information until well after the people have filed their individual tax forms.   To me, there is a simple solution in having the Government take their bite out of all income streams and then if they need more from an individual, electronically they tell the business how much to take out during the next period. Lets say they start taking out 7% (Yes, way too low) and that the tax tables find out that my unreported income means they should have taken out 10%.  During the next year, take that amount and move on smartly.  Adjust on the fly for the next year and make the IRS play smart guys not just reacting to what the person files.  The credit Card companies in other Countries have solved the problem by installing a smart chip in the cards that prove the holder is in fact the right person and unless they are stolen, the misuse will grind to a halt.

Lunch is being served.   Better call it a day here.


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