Worst President Ever

I am willing to turn the comments section on this post to you for your nomination on the "Worst President Ever" discussion.   For the record, there have been many Presidents that had their muck raked and have been vilified.  In fact, just this past week PBS has had the Roosevelt's story by Ken Burns running nightly.  It has been very interesting to see that story, warts and all.  Perhaps that the Bravado of Teddy and the Positive message of Franklin were needed at the time but I think a trained monkey could have done a good job for Franklin's third and 4th term.  It could be argued that Truman proved that when he became the President. 

I for one have this picture of the person I would like to see in the White house.  In my mind's eye, it is someone that sets a good moral tone and is willing to get out and discuss our problems and the direction we need to go.  I want simply it to be a leader that sets the positive tone.  I for one, think that as long as the President is so beholding to one Political Party that they are lock step, we will be forever led by a President with less than a 20% approval rating and a Congress with an even lower approval rating.  That doesn't mean that I don't want the President to not be able to work with them, but one that provides a direction like by publishing a budget that makes sense.

Perhaps it is the fact that the Government is so large that it doesn't even make sense to themselves.  It must be some of that because very few of them are going bankrupt by spending bunches more than they are making.  In fact, they for the most part are getting rich beyond my wildest dreams.  If you don't think that's true, ask your self if a wounded WWII Lieutenant on disability could be as rich as Bob Dole if there wasn't something fishy in that boat dock called Washington?  

Back to the point I made in the opening paragraph.   Who do you think was the worst President?  



  1. It could be argued that LBJ took a lot of the Kennedy Pipe Dreams and made them a reality. In fact If you go back to the Roosevelt days you will see a lot of the roots of that started there. I for one think that Truman was weak and Eisenhower played a lot of golf. MUD

  2. Worst President ever? I originally thought it was Jimmy Carter. Carter was replaced by George W Bush, the War President.. Did he steal 2 elections by fixing the electronic voting machines? Did his brother throw Florida to him by voter fraud? I think he did. Then Obama came along and I am really wondering what his true faith really is. How many illegals helped him boost his vote count? Crooked Presidents, Richard Nixon. President that would do anything to become President, Lyndon B Johnson. We will ever find out how far he went to become President? Probably not in our lifetime.
    The general population no longer decides who will become President or for how many terms. Our candidate pool is becoming polluted. Can't even imagine who will be next.