There Be 'Nakes Out There

The other day I was walking up the stairs and looked at the front sidewalk to see if the squirrels have covered the walk with nut hulls yet.  (Or again) 

When the watermelon season ends, Nuts are ready
There was a black looking snake out there in the sun.  I called Barb over and asked her what she thought it was.  It was mostly dark colored but where the body was swollen with what had been a mouse it had a lot of color showing.  They were the pattern of a Copper Head.  Interesting enough for me to get a shovel and go out to see up close and in person.  I don't love snakes but arm me with a shovel and I don't fear them.  Sure enough, the distinct shape of the head showed the arrow head shape and it was a nasty little bugger.  He didn't like the shovel and struck at it fast and often.  I will skip the details, but only will assure you that he won't be in the garage for the winter.  I think he was looking for a way in.  Not going to happen Skippy.

I am afraid that I am softening on the idea that I need a dog.  I am sure that it will take a lot of coaxing to get Barb to approve that choice.   Like many of the other things that cross my mind, it will take time and perseverance to overcome the objection.    If I had to choose today, it would be a German Shepard.  Yesterday it was a dachshund.  Oh well...

In today's paper there was an article that was reprinted out of the Wall Street Journal.   It was aimed at us an I am sure that a lot of people don't follow the simple rules or have a clue how to be financially stable and able to talk about retirement.  Like most businesses, people have little expectation of retiring with a good income to let them remain in a good place to travel and enjoy life. The typical business treats their employees as a simple input to their process and have little loyalty to them and their future plans. 
How Could you not fall in Love with this dog?

The article went on to talk about the wealthy as not just greedy monsters that make money out of the sweat of others.  Simply put, they point out that most of the millionaires live fairly simply and got that way because they saved money for and in the long run.  I think you have read many times here that I strongly recommend that you make a budget and understand that income must be equal to or greater than outgo.  I thought about what put Barb and I in good shape.  We both contributed 7% into a retirement fund.  (Hers -Social Security. Mine - Civil Service)  In addition, we heavily contributed to any place that we could legally put money.  It started out as simple IRA's then 401Ks.  Barb started with a 503b for teachers early and often.  We got used to spending less than we made and didn't have a new boat or new car even though we could have afforded to do so.  I would be less than truthful if I didn't also admit that my National Guard Income did allow me to have some fix up the car money and to have a slush fund to finance some toys.   The real nice thing about the Guard membership is that at the age of 60 it has started paying me a real nice retirement. 

With that all said, the article said that only about 38% of the married couples ever really sit down and discuss where they are and where they want to be financially.  Barb said that a lot of the couples don't have those meetings to avoid stress.  I contend that getting your life on track financially is one thing that has contributed to the stability of our marriage.  She says no and I listen.  No, some of our largess was a happy accident and a lot was the result of saving.  Please don't take this as a plea to feel sorry for us living so poor.  We worked hard to pay off as many debts as we could and not to amass new one's.  In addition we saved money for the future with no thought of using any of it for today's needs.

Now get out there and live like you mean it.



  1. A 22 with bird shot will dispatch any snake with 1 shot, and little noise to disturb the neighbors. I use a 22's or 38's for quick snake removal. I have even shoot them inside the garage with no damage to the surrounding structure. A lot Less danger of getting a nasty snake bite while shoveling. I dispatched 1 a month ago in the lower garage near my tractor.with my 22 rifle. I hate copperheads.

  2. I have only had two copperheads here at Rabbit Run. One was in the laundry room under the dryer. The other was the one outside. The first one was killed with a machete and the second was dispatched with a shovel. The coolest way was when a cobra stood up in front of our point man in Vietnam. The point man carried a 40mm grenade launcher with a canister round (00 Buck Shot) and blew the head off that snake. He was over 6 feet long and as big around as my arm.