Who Are You

I have a habit that somewhat troubles me.  I ask myself several stupid questions and I guess I expect a different answer each time.  Well, perhaps sometimes would be more correct.  

What Do I want out of life? - Well duh, I have everything I need and most of what I want.   There will always be the thought that I might want something more I guess.  
If I could Live Anywhere where would I want to Live?  After searching for a couple of years, we finally found the best spot in Shawnee County, Kansas.  With the help of our Niece Carrie, we designed and built our dream home in the perfect spot.  Why would I want anything different?  Perhaps a good visit to other places now and then.  Did anyone say Costa Rica this January or February?

What Do I Want To Do Today? There are a few ongoing maintenance items that I have on my "to do" list but the big blocks of time are generally open for my leisure items.  After working most of our lives, I think we deserve a lot of free time.

Am I Happy? Well Crap oh Dear, We are the source of our own happiness and if that doesn't work, there are medications that help.  Thank God I have access to the finest Medical Care in the World.  In addition to Medicare, I have the Military Medi gap insurance called Tri-Care for Life.  Moving on.

At one time, I wanted to live between a Liquor Store and the Library. Now that I don't drink or smoke, I guess that having a great library in Town will do. 

A lot of People think that Wal*Mart is a bad place.  I love to go there and walk around in the store in inclement weather.  When we travel, we try to stop at Wal*Mart Stores to walk around a couple of trips and visit the restrooms.  We have also been known to pick up snacks and any missed items we forgot to pack.  Once upon a time there was only one in Topeka and it was clear across town.  Now we have four and one is very close.  As a guy that buys his clothes wherever, I look at whatever is on sale.  On our last Trip to Oklahoma, I was not happy with the shirt I brought with us.  I had intended to pick up a shirt in the closet and forgot.  As we walked through Wal*Mart, their clearance rack had a shirt for $3.00.  Bonus...   You shop where you want, and I'll Shop where I want.

For everyone out there, I recommend you travel to Bentonville, AR and see Crystal Bridges.  It is the American Art Museum built by the Walton Foundation.  The Museum is a treat even if they didn't have any artworks.  My Friend Harvey Blinn was one of the Superintendents on that job and took us on a tour during the construction.  Now that it is finished, it is American Art at its best.  You can spend a day there and don't forget the great lunch menu items.

Oh well better get rolling for the day.



  1. This makes no sense. At least if you take the time to write, you might see if it makes sense. This takes the cake as the stupidest comment in over a half a million hits on this blog. Kate Spade Outlet, shame on you...

  2. They withdrew it. Stupid is as stupid does and I called them on it.