Such Fun

Last night we had our practice at the Mall.  We zipped through the program and actually got in a couple of extra songs because it went well.  I don't know how the rest of the guys felt, but it was a great time for me.  We got there a little early and I helped set up the chairs and the banner.  Then the fun began and I think everyone was in good spirits and we laughed and joked through the time together.  The only thing I would have changed about the whole thing was that Barbara and the Kids had dinner in Lawrence (Mad Greek) and I didn't get to be with them. 

Tonight we are going to have an evening with our favorite two little guys.  Not sure what we will do the entire time but I think a picnic in the park will start the activities.  I'm sure there will be a playground involved to help them "Blow the Stink Off."    That was an old Navy saying my Dad used. 

Fun with a Record Player

Funny Story - One year I substituted in the USD 450 District.  I did both classroom and para jobs.  It wasn't the money, it was the contact with the kids and other teachers.  I had been at the local school several times as a para in the Pre-School Program.  One day the teacher had to be gone for an appointment and I filled in.  The kids were great and with two para's, it was easy to keep everyone busy and entertained.  It was a little cool at recess time and I thought the kids might need to be outside and in the sun for a little break.  I told them to get their coats on and we'll all go outside and blow the stink off.  One of the little kids came up and said, "But Teacho, we don't stink."  I thought I would fall down laughing.  The paras all cracked up too.  I think the kids just went outside and played.

Another story was one that Barbara came home from school with.  One of her students was asked what he did on his summer vacation.   He said he went to his grandparent's farm and they got to see all the animals.  He then got this serious look on his face and told Barbara about the duck and the chicks.  It seems that like it happens on a lot of farms, something killed the mother hen one night.  The grandmother put the eggs under the a nesting duck and pretty soon there was a batch of chicks and ducklings there.  When the mother duck too k the brood down to the pond, the chicks all drowned.  Barb verified this story with the kids mother and for a while the punch line that would elicit giggles at our house was "Peep, Peep, Glubb, Glubb..."   The that would soon be followed by "But Teacho, we don't stink..."  OK, You had to be there to laugh out loud.  Sometimes the simple things between two old people (Heavy emphasis on the old) are the things that make us laugh.

Sometime today I am going to fetch my ladder and replace some of the fluorescent lights in our living room.   We have the hidden in the beams overhead and they have been failing until the missing lights are noticeable.  I will probably use the new smaller brighter bulbs and hope to have enough of them to do at least half old and half new.  They are on alternating light banks so it should not be a problem.  I hate it when half are burned out and Barb seems to only notice when a bulb flickers.  I figure it will take about 10 packages of two to do this job.  

I got the feed for the winter started yesterday.  I put out cracked corn for the deer, suet blocks for the birds and filled the sunflower see feeder and filled the water bowl.  I am trying a salt block this year instead of that block of whatever it was by the feed bunk.  I am not sure that the deer or any of the other critters ate any of it as it melted into a gooey mess.  I need to get the oriole feeder back up and cleaned up.  It went south this year and I didn't do anything to help it along.  The grape jelly melted into the sugar water and turned into something akin to a spoiled wine and vinegar.  Gross.

Oh well, miles to go and things to see.   I read the latest Road Scholar booklet and now my wonder lust is all filled.  The focus was on Hawaii and Alaska.  Neither place holds al lot of interest right now.  I am thinking that Costa Rica in February is more on target.


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