Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday we looked at all the things to do in Topeka and the surrounding area and decided that we needed to go see the Sumatran tiger cubs before they are adults.  Our Zoo has been in the news a lot lately and in and out of trouble for the way it treats our animals.  The good news this year is that the endangered species, the Sumatran Tiger now is three cubs closer to not being extinct (at least in total not the wild) There are three of the cutest little cubs at the Topeka Zoo.  When we first went by their cage, they were all asleep and it was hard to tell head from tail in that pile of cubs.  We went over to see the wild African dogs and the monkey house and by the time we got back, they were over their nap.  Probably the most cute thing was when one of the cubs stood up and looked three little girls right in the eye through the glass.  They played catch the butterfly and wrestled until all the newness wore off. 

One of the Healthcare facilities were having a day at the zoo for their employees and around noon it really got crowded about the time we left.  The draw of grilling hamburgers was also a great smell and by then my stomach was ready to go get something to eat. 

We have a great little restaurant here in Topeka called "Cook's American Grill."  It is nothing fancy but it is good food served in a friendly atmosphere.  Their Goulash special included a drink and a salad.  Barb had just a bowl of potato soup and a cinnamon roll.  She got the cinnamon roll to go and it was her mid afternoon snack.  I watched KU play football against a team from Michigan.  KU opened the game with a touchdown run and then waited until the 4th quarter to get it back together and score twice more.  I saw one play that just made me laugh.  There is a new center for KU and he had a mental lapse.  Everyone on the team knew the signal to hike the ball but the center.  They all moved at the appropriate time and there sat the center with the ball.  The referee called, "False Start everyone but the Center."   I laughed for several minutes over that one.  At halftime, the game was delayed because there was a thunderstorm in the area.  I don't think it ever rained there or here, but it got dark and blacked out the Satellite TV for a while.  I drove in town about 6 PM and it hadn't even got the sidewalk wet out here but the streets were wet in town. 

The Ken Burns series about the Roosevelt's is over. I found it interesting that he took Eleanor and really played her up in the series.  I guess it was only fair that she was the end of the series as she outlived both Teddy and Franklin.  I really didn't hear a lot about her passing in 1962.  They showed her funeral next to Franklin's grave and Kennedy, LBJ, Eisenhower and Truman were all there.  The next year was when Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.  He and Jackie looked pretty good in the short film clip.  I didn't agree with the Kennedy plans, but he was the President and would never wish him or any President to be harmed.  That is the toughest job in our world and I sure as heck wouldn't want that kind of responsibility.

Looks like I am going to have to mow one more time this year.  I am toying with the idea of a new mower but only when they get cheaper after the first frost.


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