Because I spent 25 years in the National Guard I am still getting updates on personnel changes.  The few people that I do know once as Captains and young Majors and are now retiring.  The only person on the latest list that I did know was a young Civilian when I first met her.  One day there was this young girl came into our office and we were all told that she was the new clerk.  Within a year, she had joined the Air National Guard and was moved to a position in the Air National Guard staff.  This young lady, Julie Burns worked her way up the ladder and finally went to OCS and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant.  She is now Maj Burns and I hope this move to the Inspector General's Office will get her a promotion to LtCol.   This is the kind of person that shows me that there is no glass ceiling and promotions are based on merit and ability.   Way to Go Julie.

Now for the rest of the story, those personnel updates are a checklist that I move down and say IDK (I don't Know) who that person is, person after person.  The few updates I do know are the death notices as my friends are dead or dying.  In fact, a guy I met today said that one of our friends Frank Magistro is not in very good shape.  This guy claimed that Frank is a victim of Agent Orange and it gave him lung Cancer.  Last time I met Frank, he had his usual cigarette in his mouth.  Three packs a day and going strong, Cough-cough. 

Today there was a Facebook story about a young man converting to the Muslim religion.  He got fired and went to the main office and beheaded a lady and was going to stab another person when he was shot.  Seems that one of the Officers in that Company is a part time Deputy Sheriff and had his gun with him.  I think that guy's permit should be revoked because he didn't shoot center of mass and kill that fool.  My big hope in life is that we don't have to start playing Cowboys and Muslims here at home.  If they want to go visit Allah, let it be on them not because I had to shoot one and send him there.  Besides, knife proof vests are way too hot to wear in most of the country. 

Perhaps one of these days we will figure out that no matter what we do, that part of the world will continue to hate us.  Seems like they should hate all those people with the oil money and not us.  In 200 years, we have figured out ways to build a country with 50% of the wealth.  I would think that they would use our model like a Dave Ramsey class and want to duplicate what we have done, not start a war with us.  Oh well...


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