Oh No, it is Fall Already

After spending a half an hour writing this post, I made a minor correction and the entire thing went poof and the machine saved, right after deleting the entire thing.  The end result is that I am re-writing the entire things and not going to use any of the other post.   Oh well, here is as much as I can remember it.

I will first have to admit that I live in Kansas to have 4 true seasons and think the fall season is very pretty.  The biggest problem is that winter's here in Kansas can be cold and not near as nice and the other three seasons.

Looks like fun compared to shoveling

Having worked outside in most types of weather, I have to admit that I am a lot more fond of warm. In fact had they not being trying to shoot me, I didn't hate the weather in Vietnam.  No wait, the monsoon season sucked and I would have skipped that part.
The other day someone asked me how I was doing.  I have found that retirement is a hoot and had I known just how great it was, I would have tried to do it first.  After years of preparation, I find ourselves right where we want to be.  I am pretty sure that I wouldn't change much if I could.  No wait, I can change about anything so ignore the previous sentence.
Notice the big goofy smile

I think today might be a good day to go see if the paths at the lake are clear enough to ride.  Between the goose poop and the pedestrians the weekends are not always the best to ride.  We skipped riding this week and I miss it.  Keeps the knees free and moving. 

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