Do Not Reduce it to Simple Things

Today I read a letter from William Tecumseh Sherman written to reply to a letter to save Atlanta when his troops were set to go there.  Simply said, he told those people that he was there to wage war and that he did.  The fact that war is one of the most brutal things an Army can do on  their enemy, shouldn't change what the better Army does during war.  His words were that when the war was over he would do everything he could do to feed and house the people but as long as their leaders wage war, he too would battle as well and as hard as his troops could.

In short, in this world of instant entertainment and mass communications there is a rush to simplify everything to a lower level until it makes sense in spite of the fact that some things just don't make sense.  I wonder what will be Nature's adaptation to the fact that today's generations no longer have the use of both hands because on hand has a cell phone in it finding Pokémon.  Will there be a generation of people with enlightened senses that makes them aware of dangers as they walk around distracted or will the carnage from the inattention finally outrage us to put the damn phones down and look where we are going. 

In certain political races, things get said that no one believes.  During the last Presidential race, Obama said Hillary wasn't qualified to be the President.  This last week he said she was the best qualified person to ever run for the office.  I agree that she is better qualified than Bill Clinton was but even Jimmy Carter spoke the truth a higher percentage of the time.  Even if he did lust after women in his heart.

WAR in Hell,  There is nothing in life that is free,  The only certain things are death and taxes.  What simple things do you pay attention to?  How well do they resonate after the sun goes don at the end of the day? 

Oh well, gotta go vote soon.


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