Nearing the end of the season

Barb mentioned that her garden is slowing down it's production and things aren't doing nearly as well right now.  For the first time in many years, the grass in the yards is still green and there seems to be no end for the green grass until the first frost.   On top of that, it rained again last night.

What's on your agenda in the summer when the ground is too wet.  The idea of riding on the pavement at the lake is not such a good idea with goose poop and no bike fenders on the recumbent.  There is also the matter of the recumbent being a little rear wheel heavy and slick causes accidents.  The good news is that you don't have far to fall but at 69, even that could be a real game changer.

Barbara had me go to the hardware store and buy her a 10 foot ladder to help pick fruit in the orchard.  Yes, I am still on a "No Ladder" ban for a while.  I seem to do OK on the bike but somehow ladders aren't my best thing to do.  I can carry it out and hold it steady while she climbs it but I'll stay on the ground.

There is a new Jason Borne movie out but the only local showings are in the evening (6 & 10 PM)  I would love to take Barb to red Robin and take in a show if it were earlier.  Oh well.

Today Barb was adding up some numbers and got out the calculator.  It glitched and  I told her that was the story of my life.  I told her that I would need a balance sheet to add up the numbers.  She doesn't have one on her Mac.  I may have to dig in and help her. 

I put a couple of funny stories about my mother on Facebook.  I really do miss her and some of the funny things she said and did.  It seems that several Sundays Mom would put a pot roast in the oven and they would be burnt by the time she got home.  Dad would complain but he never did anything about turning the roast off.  I think if the bathroom wasn't just off the kitchen he wouldn't go there hardly at all.   No, that isn't correct...  Every day at 11:30 Dad would walk the block fro Beech to our house and as he went through the kitchen,  he would open a can of Oyster Stew and put it on the stove in a small pot.  He would go into the bathroom and wash his hands. (Plus whatever he needed to do)  As he walked back by the stove, he would pour the soup in a bowl at whatever temperature it was.  He would add a half of a stack of crackers and a squirt of catsup and sit down and eat it.  Dad worked at Beech for 40 years and I'll bet that noon time routine didn't vary much.  I'm pretty sure that Mom bought Oyster Stew for Dad because none of the kids would touch the stuff.  There was always five cans in the storage cabinet that no one but Dad would eat. 

The other day we talked about the peculiar things our parents did and Mom was right at the top of the list.  The Jewel-Tea man cam by about twice a month.  Mom would always buy some popcorn and a few other small things.   When we moved Mom to Arkansas, there must have been about 20 boxes of that popcorn on her shelf.  Barb's Mom would always go by the 2nd hand shelf at the store and buy the discount items.  With 6 kids to feed, I'm sure she needed to do that a lot to keep everyone fed. The problem was that even when they all went away she continued to do that.  First thing Barbara did when her Mom got sick was to get in the cupboard and throw all the stuff away that was out of date.

 The other day, I am not sure why or how, I found that the Artillery OCS on Facebook.  It has been kind of fun to see what my fellow classmates write about our time there.  One of these days I will get the book up on line and remember what I wrote about it.  One of the funniest things I remember was the first overnight pass we had one of my classmates replayed to us the story of his night out on the town.  Seems that he a couple of the other guys went to a bar in Lawton and near the end of the evening they picked up a couple of chicks.  They went out on the road by Mount Scott and proceeded to fall asleep.  He said that his pretty Indian Princess turned out to be a duplicate of Chief Sitting Bull.  I don't think he went back to that bar again. 

Oh well, moving on...


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