Hate, How Deep and how long.

I listened to a video clip about African Americans and how they had to fight for equality, freedom , equality and finally they now feeling left out of the fight altogether.   I would love to ask them who do they think did the bulk of the fighting?  Yep, for the most part, the northern White men died in way more ways that all the black people have.  We saw that there was a gross injustice done and stood up.   Had Abraham Lincoln not started the discussion in the battle field of the polls and been the President, no one would know how long it would have taken us to wake up to equal rights and the freedom to live like the rest of Americans.  I don't want the blacks in America to feel sorry for us, but it would be nice if now and then the people in the party of Lincoln would get a little less hate back. 

One of the speakers brought up the subject of reparations.   There is just no way that our country can solve any more problems with more money.  We have spent ourselves into a hole saving the world's problems.  Like the threat of Regan's military spending threat, the people of today need to understand that we fought the good fight and now need to turn our sights internal to the US and stop spending more than we take in.  Every dollar we spend on someone else is a dollar that could go to increasing the money to our schools, roads and people.  Bring in another 100,000 refugees from Syria and you will have to cut the funding to people here in the USA.  Money is a problem, not the solution. 

Why does the message of Donald Trump resonate with the half of the population that are described as the basket by Hillary?  Because the Democrats haven't been awake since the 1960's that more money didn't, won't, can't solve all the problems.  Every job sent over sea's is another job we don't have here in America.  A dollar is said to turn over 7 times if it is spent here in America.  How many time do you think it turns over if it goes directly to China, Vietnam or Japan.  Count the container ships coming here every day and you might understand how we have taken away our ability to manufacture things.

End of Rant!


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