Sunday Morning

When I was a kid, I delivered the Newspaper in Wichita.  My favorite day was Sunday and I would come home with a pristine paper and sit down and get to be the first reader.  It seemed to me that there was more news and less ads in the paper but I might be wrong.   I do remember that back then, I didn't have to drink coffee to stay awake and read it.  Must be getting old.

This morning, TCM had the story of Samuel Clemons on and I had forgotten a lot about his life as Mark Twain.  I did remember that as Ulysses Grant was dying of Cancer Samuel stepped in and wrote the Biography of Grant and published it.  It saved Grant from dying in debt and forcing his widow to declare Bankruptcy.  I had forgotten that it did force Clemens to go on a world wide lecture tour to save him from declaring Bankruptcy.  It did make me wonder how many of the kids of today get the opportunity to read about the life on the  Mississippi in the early 1800's.  How many of you read about the jumping frog in California and the contest to see how far they could jump.  One of these days I will try to find a copy of the Grant history and read it. 

This morning I read that the daughter of one of our friends was selected as Co-MVP of a volleyball tournament.  I reminded Barb that we had attended the wedding of her friend about 20 years ago.   Barb didn't seem to remember it very well and I seemed to have a clear memory of not only the wedding but the reception.  I am not sure if it is a blessing that I can still remember the minutiae or for her that she doesn't have it all cluttering up her memory.  I guess it is all in what you want. 

 For most of this week, it has been pretty rainy and the ground is way to soggy to get out on the mower or the tractor to move the downed tree that fell in the last wind.  I guess one of these days that it will be dry enough to get something done.  Not today I guess.

Are you a sport's fan?  Other than last year's run for the Royals, I haven't been a fan of Baseball since the time that overpaid bunch of brats went on strike so they could make more money per game than teacher's make in a year.  Now there is the professional (or unprofessional as you may see it) rant by Pro Football players and I never did like pro wrestling.  Oh well, KU Basketball is just around the corner and we have season tickets.  We have both women and men's season tickets.  It does somewhat embarrass me that the women's tickets are about what the per game tickets for the men's games are.  Oh well, no system is prefect in spite of the goals of Title 9. 

Do you know what I find kind of frustrating?   When I get ready to do a job, it generally takes me more time to get ready than it does to do the job.  The maintenance involved in having all the tools and vehicles  is almost discouraging.  I don't want to hire all the jobs done, I just need a handyman to get the tools laid out and then put away when I am furnished.  I know, do I want some cheese to go with that whine (wine get it?) 

Better get moving or I might find my butt frozen here in my chair.  That's another thing, this damned chair is losing it's cover on the fake leather.  It looks like an old dog with mange.   I guess if I had a fat old guy playing solitaire sitting on me all day I probably wouldn't look much better. 


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