What's the Difference?

The other day I walked past the bookshelf and discovered a book called "8,789 Words of Wisdom."  I read a little way into it and found it while kind of funny in places, it caused me to wonder what is the difference between words of wisdom and snarky comments?    In one place it tells you to stop and smell the roses and then it tells you to never get caught doing nothing.  I  guess there is no real end or beginning in a book that is a bunch of stuff made up and compiled to keep you from doing important things.  Besides, I have trouble enough remembering snarky things without the clutter of good advice.

I think this is kind of like the story of my life.  I have tons and tons of good advice rolling around in my mind, it just doesn't always stop rolling when I need it.  Sometimes it does stop and then I find myself in a place totally inappropriate.  I guess that's why about half of us are Trump supporters.  My only problem with his is that he is pretty repetitive and needs a lot of new material now and then.  

Do you know what I think is the biggest problem with Facebook?  It doesn't provide a good way to tell you when or why your followers or "Friends" unfriend you.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a small check box that tells you when you have offended someone and the silly reason they feel that way?  We live in  a country where we demand free speech.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an ex-follower  tell you in plain English why they will stop communicating with you.  Imagine a series of boxes that tell you that either you are an asshole or a buffoon.  You can make up the boxes in between.  Or perhaps like me, you don't write for them, only for yourself.  

So, in short, and I don't usually keep it short, there is a limit for a subject and when you find yourself saying something opposite of what you just said, STOP. 


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