Rain Again

A few years back, the Master Gardener told me that in the fall we should put the plants and trees to bed for the winter with their feet wet.  Well, we won't have to water to achieve that this year.  The other day I got my tractor out and moved a couple of dead trees.   Even in 4 wheel drive, the wet muddy ground caused me a lot of trouble.  Then last night was got over an inch of rain.

A couple of years ago we bought a tractor to help with the chores around the farm.  It seems that I have had about the worst luck with the charging/starting system on that tractor.  I have replaced a good portion of the starting system and now it sits dead in the storage building again.  I have replaced most of the switches and still can't get the starter to energize.  Oh well, there is always another day.

On the internet today, there was a guy that had restored a 53 Chevy truck in all its glory.  I'll bet he spent $50,000 doing just that.  He didn't put in a v-8 or any of the great parts available for old trucks.  He basically put it back into shape so he could drive it on the highway.  I guess everyone is welcome to do what they can afford but I would rather have one that is capable of stopping as well as it goes forward. 

Sometime in the next week, Barb and I are going to see if Space A flights are what they are supposed to cracked up to be.  I don't think  we will go outside of the Continental US but not sure where we will go.  Oh well, I am sure it will be fun.

Better get cracking and see what I can conjure up to do today.  My good book and a nap doesn't sound too bad.



  1. I had a similar problem on my ford 1700. It turned out to be the ignition switch. Yours may be different but mine has the pre heat contact built into the ignition. It has 3 positions. Pre-heat, off, run, and start to the far clockwise position. Internal contact points inside the switch sends voltage to the started. The pre=heat and start contacts were burnt and didn't sent enough voltage to the starter to activate the starter solenoid. If your battery is up to charge check the ign switch. Also make sure the ground on your battery is making good contact to the frame.

  2. I had to replace the switch a couple of years ago. I replaced the solenoid and the screws were too short and I drilled out the path for them and it allowed moisture to get into the solenoid and it rusted the interior of it. The result is that it would not engage. The good news is that there is a rebuilt starter for about $300. A new Bosh starter would have been about $800. A rebuilt is on the way.