Changing Things

I feel honor bound to start a new phase in my life.  I truly need to find new avenues to keep me occupied with life.  The joy of singing has lost it's allure and I am for the second time going to stop singing with the Topeka Capitol Men's Barbershop Chorus.  I have both men's and women's tickets for the KU Teams this year.  I intend to attend as many games as I can.

I am also going to find a new way to get more physical exercise.  I don't intend to find myself in worse shape as I start next year.  In the past, I found the downtown YMCA a great p[lace to swim and work out.  I hope that I can fins a way to get Barbara to participate with me.  I owe her the same opportunity to be at her best as I can hope to be.

I will also use this change to start accumulating my many posts on this blog into what I hope will mount to more than just a way to pass a few hours.

I will do my best to be charitable, somewhat truthful , and to remember as many humorous things as I can.


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