Have I Told You How Much I hate Getting Old?

Yes Dear one's, I know the alternative is worse, but I really do hate not being able to complete projects with the same energy I had even a few short years back.  Even getting up off the floor is a challenge.  Can you imaging me crawling under the floor in my son's house to fix a leak in a Pex water line?  If you knew just how hard it is to get up off the floor you might understand. 

I have a brother-in-law that shared with me that maintenance on his rental's finally caused him to sell them.  I think I am nearing that point faster and faster each year.  The problem is that keeping them is just going to diminish the profit point as I have to have more and more maintenance hired out. 

Every time I go out somewhere, I see more and more Vietnam Vets wearing their baseball caps proudly.  The problem is that they are all old guys.  Hell, I went to Vietnam with a bunch of kids not a bunch of old farts. 

Being retired from the National Guard, I get their newspaper monthly.  I find it more often than not, the new Generals and major unit commanders are people that I don't even know.  I guess the fact that the Adjutant General was a Captain that worked for me should tell me something.

I am considering buying a member ship to the YMCA again.  I found a regular workout/swimming schedule was great a few years back.  I will admit that the hot tub really made it nice after a work out.  

Oh well, here I sit complaining about getting old and I need to get up and go do something.  I did notice that I have nearly a million view on my blogs.  I wonder if there is a time I need to stop even this effort.


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