How do we fix this mess?

This morning, I had a nice talk with a black professional man and we agreed on more than we disagreed on.  Because he is a professional, I will not divulge his name.  He has worked hard to become a success in his field and I will treat him as such.

First of all, we agree that our Country is in trouble.  His biggest complaint is that there is some strange trend that thinks that adding new laws and layers of paperwork will solve problems.  I think that all laws should have a sunset and a published cost.  In case you don't know, we right now are incapable of funding all the laws on the books.  Each budget cycle, is more burdensome in cost and in the mix, something must get left out.  If our Tax code was simply a table with what you pay based on the amount you make.  Cut out the loop holes and don't allow changes.  (Except to raise the percentages as it costs more)  No free rides no tax loopholes.

I think Congress must first agree on what the heck they first must fund.  The cost of having a Federal Government is pretty much at the top of the list.  Second, our Military Defense is a requirement.  You can list the other Government functions until the money runs out.  But, they must really understand how much it costs and how much of it they can fund. 

If Dave Ramsey was the OMB Director, he would make them first write down what everything costs and to develop a budget that is realistic.  If the President wants to import 80,000 Syrian Refugees, what in his budget will he cut to do that.  You and I might want a new car but we sure as heck don't get on if we can't pay for it. I am not sure where I draw that line but I am sure that we can predict what Natural Disasters will happen and build in a slush fund to pay for them. 

Congress needs to cut out the Petty squabbles and get to work on funding how and what we are going to do as a nation.  I promise you that if the first time they can't it was taken out of their pay that failure would be not repeated. 

How the hell did someone convince the congress that allowing Companies to move their operation over sea's would help us?   Instead of the $20 - $30 per hour job in manufacturing, we have the state of California giving Burger Flippers at McDonalds $15.00 per hour.  Instead of having our young  youths have jobs that they can live on, we let Mexican Immigrants cross the border and take the hard labor jobs at a rate our citizens can't live on.  Then, in spite of the difference in pay, the Mexicans are allowed to send home Millions of dollars each month without the Government taking a bite out of it.  Can you feel that somewhere down the line, some bright bulb in the Congressional pack is going to tell us that all the illegal workers need to be given Social Security even if they haven't paid in to the fund?  Anyone want to take that bet?

The problem really boils down to the fact that the Democrats and the Republicans aren't made to get together and do their jobs.  In fact, it is easier for them to sling mud at each other than do the real hard work of Government.


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