Water Leak again

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day fixing the water leak at Dave's.  The old Plastic fasteners on the PEX lines from the 80's are prone to break and because they are under the house a major pain in the backside.  This time I opened the floor in the master bathroom to attack the problem from above.  I still did have the problem of getting my big old body through a hole and then back out.  I got the leak stopped but I need to work on replacing the broken T adapter.  Then I will have to fix the hole in the floor.  Oh well...

Today will be a pretty nice day to get out and do some yard work here at Rabbit Run.  Barb has a lot of her plants that she will want to bring inside.  There are three trees that need planted and black walnuts everywhere.  If the squirrels would do their job, the nuts wouldn't be a problem.  At least they are not eating the nuts on the sidewalk and leaving nut hulls that become shrapnel when I mow.  The other thing I hate is the nuts falling on the roof and banging their way to the ground. 

The Barbershop chorus is getting to elect the 2017 officers.  Seems like my name just slipped off the list this year and I do not have a job other than to attend a few meetings and work on a committee or two. 

Oh well, gonna close here and see if I can get a few things done.


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