Jesse james Part VII

This is a fictional Story - The people do not exist.  

R&R Center Cameron bay
Soldiers in Vietnam were granted an R&R to many different places.  The Commands were given quotas and weekly many of the soldiers would be transported to Cameron Bay to be sent elsewhere.  Most of the Married soldiers went to Hawaii to meet with their wives .   Many of the single men went to Thailand and spent the week with women of varied costs and skills.  I had always wanted to travel to Australia and that's where I signed up to go.  

After a six hour flight, the planes arrived in Sidney.  Most of the Soldiers checked into one of the hotels and spent the first hours or so just letting the warm water try to take the red tint out of the skin on their hands.  Most would then go somewhere to see if they could eat the biggest steak on that continent.  Follow that up with a bunch of Fosters Beer and a good night's sleep.  I was no exception to that rule.
After a great meal, Larry, one of the Lieutenants from a Leg unit, and I went to a local bar to check out the lay of the land.  When we went into the bar, the entire edge of the bar was just full of young women.  It was as if someone had lined them up just for us.  Their guys were gathered around the bar and  no one seemed to be paying any attention to the girls.  We just walked around in the bar and talked to many of the young women.  It was clear that the guys just didn't care or were too drunk to notice. In addition to needing to hear the voices of a young women, we  were curious about what was happening in Sydney and what to do.  We singled out a couple of young women that were pretty and very warm to have men spend time talking to them.  We asked the girls if they would like to go with us the next day and see Sydney.  They gathered up 

Sydney Harbor

their purses and without saying farewell to their boyfriends walked out arm and arm with us.   I was sure that we would get followed outside and there would be a fight. It was like we said, the boy friends were either non caring or drunk. We walked them back to their apartment and were invited in for a few beers. Much to our surprise, we were invited to spend the night. The next day, we had a wonderful day seeing the sights and eating as much and as often as we could. Sometime in the late afternoon, someone saw that there was a concert that evening.  The guys asked the girls if they wanted to go and a time was set for us  to pick up the two girls.  After changing at our Hotel room, we set out on our way over to the girls apartment.  We saw a florist shop and picked up flowers for the girls.  When we showed up for the date and presented the flowers, the girls just broke down crying.  It seems that they had never been brought flowers and thought the Yanks were sweet for doing so. 
After the concert, the girls insisted we come back to their apartment.  The fridge was full of Fosters and the girls were just thankful to have the guys there. Again we were invited to spend the night. The next morning the girls told the guys that they were going to go to their hotels and check out.  We were welcome to spend the rest of our R&R right there with them.  It was as if we had hit the lottery.  Two beautiful young women were just smitten with the manners of those two GI's.  They fell into a rhythm of waking late and eating breakfast. We would walk around Sydney until noon and then eat a lunch.  Back to the apartment for an afternoon nap and/or  more great sex than we could imagine.   A great afternoon nap was followed by a long bath and out for the evening.  Fine dinners were fairly cheap and the girls were thrilled with the attention.  By the time to report back to the R&R Center for the trip back to Vietnam, I was in love with Martha.  I had thoughts that I might even take my discharge in Australia when his time in the Army was up.   Larry was not interested in a long term relationship but he exploited the hell out of his week in Australia.  All the way back to Vietnam, we slept like babies.
In his dream, he was on the Plane on the way back to Vietnam when the ants started biting his butt. he woke up with a medic telling him that he was OK but would not be able to sit down for a while.  It was kind of funny that I was told I should keep the wound clean.  I had the butt ripped out of my fatigues and no spare set of pants.  



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