My Perfect World for Today

One of the problems we have in the USA right now is the division between the left and right side of our beliefs.  There is a clear belief that the rich are getting richer and the poor aren't.  With the partial collapse of our economy, it is easy to blame the whole mess on one set of people and want the Government to fix it, right damn now.  I think we need to take a step back and to find a good way for us to understand or chart the National Will and try to aim our  aim the ship of state on that course.  One part of the division is the fact that there is a large segment of the population that is undecided about what course we should take. When 40% of the people don't vote it is no surprise to me that Congress doesn't have a clear idea of what we want.

On the right, we have the conservatives that believe that a smaller Government with less spending and revenue is the answer. "If it isn't mandated by the constitution, it is not needed."

On the left is the side that our great nation should take a "cradle to the grave" approach and there is enough wealth to share and it is the role of Government to share it. And to take it away from those greedy bastards that make too much.

It is clear to me, that both sides are extreme and neither by its self will cure our ills.  

What is clear to me is that we have slipped into a place where because there is no clear cut path, we try to borrow money from the world on one side and then give it to other countries on the other.  We have an extravagant Government  with almost unlimited Military Spending supporting Military actions that are not understood or supported by our National Will.  I am fairly sure that right after 9/11 there were a lot of people that wanted to strike out against the Muslim world but didn't have a clear idea who or when to hit them.  I think now,  10 years later a lot of people are shaking their head about our involvement in throwing Saddam out of power and what it has gained.  What scares me is that who will fill the power void in Iraq and make that country stable?  I am pretty sure there is a group of fundamentalists that think they are ready.  Are we ready?

I am pretty sure there is a group of people that believe that peace will come to Afghanistan because of our actions there.  The British, the Soviets and now the United States have all had good intentions but the end result is the country pretty much stays behind the rest of the world.  Screw up and throw a couple of Korans' in the burn pile and they run around killing people.  I am pretty sure that this reaction is more extreme than our Democracy ever expects from civilized nations.  Me, I would put them all on a plane and let them have that god forsaken place. 
While we are on the subject of sanity, there is one candidate that advocated the legalization of marijuana.  His contention is that if California legalized it, the sale of Government Taxed Marijuana would cure their budget deficit.  They could let the people in Prison that are there for sale and possession and further reduce the deficit. To make matter even sweeter, the pot heads from the heartland could go there and legally smoke to their hearts content and make this a better place to live. 

PS - Today is Dr Seuss' Birthday so this may or may not be fiction.

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