KU vs Kentucky at the Phog

This evening Barb and I will be sitting in Allen Field House as KU plays Kentucky.  Should be a great game and I have high hopes that the KU team that has played so well shows up.  They have had their problems on the road but if your goal is to get into the NCAA playoff's, they will play good enough. 

People that wonder how KU has done so well over the years didn't read the sports page this week.  Just as three seniors graduate, they sign a 6'11" player and a 6'8" player.   It is always fun to watch the hawks Re-load their teams from year to year.  It always amazes me when I watch a pro game and hear the names of  past KU players as they do well in the NBA.   I wish that Joel Imbied didn't have a broken foot so he could show his talent.  It is the kind of injury that may mean he never gets to play in the Pro's. 

As you have been told from time to time, I am a landlord and have spent most of the past two weeks rehabbing the damage done to one of my houses by the last tenant.  I hope some day she has her own home and comes to realize that that pack of kids can do more damage than wolves.  I had an electrician come over to see why one of the electrical outlets didn't work.  Evidentially they unscrewed the fuse when they unhooked the washer hoses.  We found the loose fuse when the electrician was looking at the second panel.  Crap.  At least he didn't charge me for the call.  I did buy them lunch so it worked out fairly well.  The two guys were old like me and we laughed all through the visit.  I will save you the details but tell you that old guys have common things wrong and so long as we can laugh at them we'll be ok. 

Once upon a time, I had a friend tell me that he didn't understand the concept of suicide.  He did understand getting as gun and shooting the other sombitch that made him feel that way.  I keep my guns locked in a safe and as long as I can remember where I hid the combination I'll be OK. 

Well, the wash machine died this week after chewing up a fairly new KU shirt.  Barb and I will go over to the west side of town and see if we can get a replacement.  Bet for the right kind of money we can. 

Better run.


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