It's Only a Game

Up in Ames, IA there was a tent fire next to Hilton Coliseum.  It was where the students that were waiting for the Monday night game were in line for the KU vs Iowa State game.  Did you hear that?  Students were waiting for a place in line for a game being held Monday night.  Yep, hasn't anyone told them that it is only a game of basketball being competed by a bunch of semi-professional students?  I haven't been informed if the players in the BIG XII are being compensated yet but I'll bet they get some kind of a stipend if they are available elsewhere. 

Speaking of my favorite winter activity, it looks a lot like the Men's Basketball conference championship gap has closed and the KU home court advantage is up for grabs today when Texas comes to play.  If you have been watching, it seems like everyone is able to defend their home court advantage (Except that Texas spoiled WVU's record last week)  There was a saying that the conference championship had to go through Lawrence and we shall see.  

If I were asked, my advice to Bill Self would be to play as many players, in 5 minute spurts as he could.  Why the hell is Frank Mason asked to play 36 minutes a game when there are 4 or five good players that will get a lot better if they are used more.  Svi, Brannen, the new guard all need time to develop and once they get more time they will get better.   Oh well, the bodies of the starting five are wearing our and the attitude of the bench warmers has to be on the wane.  Can you imagine suiting up and sitting as a spectator when you know that you could be starting at a lot of other places?  I can't imagine finishing a game and not needing a shower.  Change back into your street clothes and go home.  Not for me.

I guess that most of the readers here know that I have always been more of a kind of guy that wants to get in the game and play.  I mostly don't need to win all the time and just want to be in the game. I probably enjoy a good win as much as the next guy, but I don't for the most part don't just sit around and sulk when others get the win. 

Today in the paper there is a lady that is moving and she needs a good home for a pair of female Dachshunds.  They are four years old and according to Barbara probably spoiled beyond belief.  She asked me how could you tell?  They are the most stubborn little animals I know.  Their only redeeming factor is they are loving little animals.  I probably won't be on the short list of getting one or two of them.

My rental house here in Topeka is getting finished but not because of my efforts.  I probably will hit it hard starting Monday and be out of there in a week.  The problem is that it needs to be shown soon if I want it to be rented in February.   It has never been on the market more than a week without someone wanting to rent it.   It is on the east side of Topeka and in the Shawnee Heights school district and has four bedrooms.  It really needs to have an additional bathroom added sometime in the near future.  Oh well, I keep the rent reasonable and it rents well.  My little house has a lady and her daughter who is just starting high school.  They will probably be there for another three or four years.

Better get running. (or walking carefully in the snow)


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