We went to the Texas vs KU game yesterday at the Phog in Lawrence.  Texas came in with a lot of hustle and muscle and were determined to bet up the Hawks.  By halftime the hawks had dug themselves out of a 19 point hole.  About half way through the second half, the hawks took control of the game and never looked back.  It was a nice kind of victory for a cold Saturday afternoon.

In the Big XII, there is just no way to overlook the mystery of the home court advantage.  KSU whipped a good OK-State team in Manhattan.  That same team had beat the hawks at their home.  Now the hawks go to Hilton on Monday night to see what's in store for them there.

The weatherman was wrong yesterday.  The sun never came out and with the wind chill factor was combined for a really cold day.  It was supposed to be around 30 but no chance of that.  There was a really pretty Hoar's frost on the trees that made it pretty but one step outside and you didn't want to see it from there.  It was enough to see it from inside

Today is supposed to be in the 40's and I have some good chicken and steaks to cook on the grill.  Sure hope it warms up some.  I love the taste of good grilled meats and some good company.  We'll see if the kids want to come over and share.  Normally they haven't been too hard to get for lunch but Dave's Mother-in-law is there so no bets until we see the whites of their eyes.

Yesterday at the game, I forgot to zip up the little pocket on my jacket where I keep my cell phone.  As I jumped up, (OK, Stood up as quick as I could) it fell out and the battery separated from the two pieces of the case.  When I put it back together, nothing happened.  The phone was dead as a doornail.  A little later on, I wondered to myself what would happen if I just held down the power switch like I had it turned off on purpose.  Yep, it came back to life and I don't have to replace anything. 

One thing I have problems with is my balance, especially when I have been sitting for a couple of hours.  The Phog doesn't have handrails as you go up into the stands so I take my cane along just in case.  I get kind of light headed when I have to navigate the steps.  The cane provides just enough balance to make me feel better.  Probably more of a mind trick but hey, it was also slick in spots outside so I was glad to have a little extra protection to prevent falling down again.

Someone put a post of Facebook that things that happen when you get older are much the same only slower.  I wrote the author that may be true except for falls on the ice.  I went down like a polled ox and it was over before I could even begin to stay up right.  I think a better term was down wrong.  I still have a bruised hip bone even though the swelling and bruise is mostly gone.  Oh well, I guess there are now additional places I don't need to go or things I don't need to do - FAST!    Do you have a reverse bucket list?  That is a list of things you once did but no longer will do.  Water or snow skiing, roller skating, car racing & ladders are all on the top of the list.  OH well, Nothings so hard that I can't hire it done.


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