Last Night

Monday nights are the chorus practice for the Barbershop Chorus and we sang out hearts out in a joyous sound.  The good news was it kept me from watching the KU vs Iowa State game where the hawks again couldn't find the way to put all the great pieces together in Big XII play.  The coach keeps trimming the number of players down and we don't have the steam to finish the games that way.  I guess it is hard to second guess a coach that has 200 wins and only 9 losses at the Phog. 

The finishing touches at the rental house are coming along fine.  I have a couple of days left to get it ready but I am taking it a little easy this morning.  I worked and sang a long day yesterday so I am not up to full speed yet today.  I am getting a lot done but it just takes time.

Yesterday I went down into the basement and looked in the storage area for the handrails for the stairs.  I had seen the boards and a pip[e but it hadn't really sunk in that they were the old handrails.  I will reattach them soon.  I have about half a day left to haul things out of the basement.  I am good for only a couple of trips up and down the stairs in any given period.

This last year we had a pair of hawks hatch out and I didn't realize just how noisy they would be.  One of them is still here and I am pretty sure that he is picking off the birds that come into the feeder.  Sucks to be at the bottom of the food chain.  Oh well.

I guess I had better get on with things or I will be here all day.  Have a warm day out there.


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