OOPs, My Bad!

Yesterday I wrote that I had almost 920,000 posts, but that was wrong.  I have had that many visitors and views but only abut 3100 new posts.  Even that is a bunch.  I am sure that it has kept my mind more active but hasn't helped my spelling.  I have a great spell checker program that underlines my typing and spelling errors.  It doesn't have a clue what to write, but it does help it almost make sense.

Today I will get to see the hawks play Baylor and it is their first true test of the season.  In the paper today there was a report of the pre-season of the Big 12 teams and almost everyone has about 10 wins and one loss.  Following the game today there is a Monday night game with Oklahoma that will really test the Hawks.  It is nice to have the season openers at home.  This team is about as good as any that has ever taken the floor.  Even when they played a team that had taller players, we outshot them in the second half.  We also manage to run the wheels of the other team in the second half.

This morning Barbara and I went out to the local Methodist church for breakfast.  I was glad Barb got to see a really close friend and even happier that the friend is doing so much better.  Somehow a hiatal hernia went bad and we weren't sure if Merta was going to pull through.  She looks pretty good now and said she feels like everything is on the mend.  I also got to visit with an old friend from the Guard.  If it is a friend from the Guard, you can guarantee it is an old friend.

As I get older, I find that one topic is always the health (and death) of friends from years back.  I try to keep up but there is always some one who's passing has slipped past my notice.  I joke that I read the daily Obits to make sure I am not in there.  I am not sure if it makes me funnier, but I also read the funny papers daily.

Some time today, our dog guests will go home.  It has been fun but not enough to cause Barb to let me get one soon.  Perhaps after we have all of our trips to Oklahoma done she will relent.  Then again, perhaps not.

OH well, better get rolling.

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