Back to the Bike Trail

It has finally cooled off a few degrees and today after breakfast I plan to go over to the lake and hit the trails. More pictures to follow. Forgot the camera but the ride was magnificent. Seems like a lifetime since I had a chance to feel the wind in my face. I swear that bike riding takes me as near to my youth as anything I can do. We rode down the west side of the lake about three miles and came back. Nice ride and great weather. Most of the people you might find on the trail on Saturday were in church or sleeping it off in bed.
We are a little worried about my little buddy. She fell off the seat in the car and hurt her foot. That foot has been a little hurt in the past and she really favors it today. I think she likes to be carried which adds to the symptoms. Might fire up the mower and do a little mowing today. I have a 1 PM appointment to show the house. Our potential renters didn't show up last weekend like they promised. Oh well.
On the good side of the ledger, Dave and his wife Barb will be driving a newer car on Monday. They got a 2001 Malibu for a really good price. It's only money after all.

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  1. Good luck with the rental and your little 'buddy'!!