If I had known I was going to live this long, I'd taken better care of myself!

Today opens a new door for me. I am officially on the Retired List from a 30 year Military Career and will finally start drawing my Retired Military retirement. This starts on my 60th birthday and will pay out until Barb is no longer alive. That will be a long time unless stupidity steps in and something bad happens.
The work at the new house is going well and it is so nice to have Barb's brother Kenny here to help and discuss things with. I get to spend a few minutes each day petting his dog Grissy and that's a bonus. There is just something about petting a dog that puts a smile on your face and in your heart.
Talk about your great birthday presents, I got a call from the Reimers in Morocco. They sang Happy Birthday in English and Arabic. When I asked Kendra if she was going to a French School this fall she said We We (it might be Wi Wi but spell checker doesn't know French any better than I do) Their giggles were a light in my life and it was great to hear from them. They gave me some info on a program that will allow us to call them cheap and we could hook up and see them on our computer.
Better get off here so I can go eat cake and watermelon. Bonus dude!


  1. Happy day-after-your-birthday, Colonel, and congratulations on your official retirement!...and many thanks for your service and dedication. I'm Jenn's friend (and yes, I was at your home for Thanksgiving a few years back) and I've been a lurker on your blog for awhile. Jenn went up to Omaha with me back in January when we saw my husband off to Iraq for work as a critical care nurse. He's home again, safe and well, with no immediate calling to return. Again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...and may you enjoy a long and well-deserved retirement. Stay well!

  2. It's spelled Oui Oui;)