Hard Work and darn little fun

This turning a beat up house into a nice home for David has turned into a lot of work. I have my brother-in-law here and we both have worked darned hard and long. Today we needed to get a couple of things done and worked way longer than we should have. I know he is wanting to go to the Pow-Wow at the lake and I'll bet he is too tired to go there tonight. Oh well, I'll give him a couple of days off and I'll bet he bounces back in good fashion.
I can tell we are on the down ward slide on getting it ready but there are a few things that have me puzzled. I'm just not sure how to finish the siding job where the bottom of the siding is just shot. Water has turned it to mush beneath the trim on the bottom of the wall. I have replaced it on the front and spliced it on the back. The ends need some help but I am pretty sure that I don't want to tear it all off and am not sure if just trimming it up will be the long term answer I am looking for. I think I'll take tomorrow off and sit on the mower for a while. I have some pretty good ideas when I can just sit and go in big circles. Oh well, I'll get some pictures up here soon and get on with my life. MUD

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the ragweed. I was just sitting at my computer thinking about posting, but my brain is mush. I've been wondering if ragweed is the culprit. Actually, I think it's more than just that since the allergies get worse whenever hay or wheat (or anything else) is being cut. We have a TON of giant ragweed around our place and all up and down the road. I try to live in peace with all the flora except poison ivy, but maybe we'll attack that ragweed.

    I asked Danny about your siding problem. He says you need to just pull off the boards that are bad and replace them. Trying to fix rotten boards won't work well. You don't have to reside the whole house, though.