Pictures of "My Little Buddy"

Photo one is the Old Retired Fart and his buddy. Picture two is my buddy looking for the cat and trouble. It is great to have the sound of little paws thumping through the house. I thin it is funny when the birds start flapping their wings and Grissy barks to tell them to "knock it off". No matter how hot and tired I am at the end of a day it is nice to stop and pet her as she wags her tail.

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  1. Hey! Good to hear from you again, MUD. I got out of the habit of checking in when you took your break. I'll have to swing by more often.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your niece (grand niece?). That was a neat story about President Bush, though. I don't believe he's done a perfect job as president, but honestly, who could? I have heard the stories about him praying with folks, and I don't think that's all just for show. I know we have prayed a lot for him and will continue to pray for whoever takes his place and that they will make the best decisions possible for our country.