Too Hot to Tango

The daytime temps are near 100 and the "Heat Index" has been in the range of 110 here in the heartland. We are able to get in about 6 hours of serious work in the AM but in the afternoon it s reduced to puttering inside the house in the shade. There is no air conditioning (yet) so it is open the windows and deal with the flies.
Morning remembrance - On about our third day in Basic Training the Senior Drill Instructor stood before us and said," Two things I hate in this world, Cruits (Recruits, new soldiers) and flies. The more I see of you Cruits the better I like those little green flies." Nothing like a rousing speech to get our blood flowing.
We have most of the junk mucked out in the trailer and are starting on painting prep. I still need to have the heating and cooling replaced. Half of the ductwork is not connected and there is no really good return air system. Can we say money boys and girls.


  1. Yea but you are making progress! The Bourne movie sounds like a winner.

  2. Can't even imagine working in the heat without A/C.

    Where I am right now it's been in the 100s and is insane. upper 90s at 11 pm.


    Good luck with the renovations.