Borne Ultimatum

Went to a great movie last night and was not left wanting. The Borne series has been one of my favorites and the third leg of this trilogy is right on. It even left the door open for Jason Borne to come back to Nexa, Missouri and resume his life. There is only one minor thing in the whole series that bothers me and that is the unsteadiness of the camera during the car chase scenes. I tend to almost get motion sickness but thank god in most of the movies I have eaten a bucket of pop corn and it is so dry there isn't any way I could puke.
Barb spent a couple hours on her feet with Barbara (Dave's Wife) and while they shopped and she stayed home. Darn!
Putt-Putt and I are taking a day off and not going out in the noon day sun. Both of us needed a day off. I felt like every thing hurt in my body and after a day off I feel 100% better.

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