Changing Gears

I think the novelty of war stories and tales from Vietnam has about run its course.  For a while, I think I will look at some of the current problems in the United States and some solutions that I think should be implemented.

NIMBY - Not in my back yard you don't.    How come it is that Kansas Governor Brownback rails against the federal Budget Deficit and then wants the Feds to continue to fund wind mills through next year?  I think the Federal Government should get out of the business of funding State Specific items except for highways that promote the Constitutional mandate for Interstate commerce.  

European Common Market.  This looked good on paper but now that two or three of the ECM countries are starting to have economic problems the whole effort may go down the tubes.   I thought that perhaps the Americas might try something like that but I'm sure that Canada is too smart and Mexico too crooked.  

Congress -  If the overall congress has only a 9% approval rating, why do we re-elect those guys?  How can we really change what goes on in Washington if we continue to let the guys that screwed it up stay?   I read the other day that 300 former Senators and Congressmen are now working as lobbyists in Washington.  Shouldn't there be a bounty on them?  

President -  Clearly, we have suffered from a Cult like following when we have elected Presidents. FDR,  Eisenhower, Kennedy and Reagan were just men with their own foibles that attracted a following far beyond their real abilities.   Why do we pay so much attention to how many times they were married and overlook their girlfriends?   I think it would be better if we had a "I'm going to tell your Secret Service"  than a bunch of guys that spend their time covering up for them. 

Taxes   Every year I sit here by the computer and look at the tax mess sitting on the card table I put up to house the information that dribbles in in January.   Because I owe so damn much, I generally don't file until much later in the deadline.  Last year I saw that I paid my taxes in March which was early for me.   I think that just one year, I am going to really figure out how much my real tax rate is.   I pay Property tax of over $10,000 a year, Sales Taxes of  probably over $3,000 a year, gasoline taxes of about $500, federal taxes of between $10 - 16,000, and state taxes of over a grand.  I can hardly wait to start paying taxes on the money I managed to save while I was working.  Between IRA's, 401 Ks, 503B's I'm sure that the Government is going to play camel and want their nose under that tent.  Oh well, make money, pay taxes.

Drug Eradication/Education  - Because of the news coverage of Whitney Houston's death, there has been a lot of talk about both illegal and prescription drugs.  In the USA, a person dies every 19 minutes from  a drug overdose.  Dr San jay Gupta and another Doctor that specializes in drug pathology and toxicology indicated that we as a nation are letting the drug companies sell us way too many drugs that can be and are often fatal when mixed.  They talked about the part of the brain that controls the central nervous system and how when you combine a feel good medicine (Paxil), a couple of drinks and an sleeping pill (Ambien), you can easily reach that critical point where your body just fails to remember to breathe.  Throw in a hot tub of water and drowning is a common occurrence.  Both doctors were outspoken about the fact that even after treatment for addiction, Whitney drank glasses of champagne the evening she died.   The part of the brain that houses the pleasure receptors aren't discriminating enough to tell illegal, or prescription drugs from alcohol. They said that once you know you are an addict or have the kind of personality that likes things in excess amounts, you should not use them.   They both think there is no one that can be a social drinker after AA, NARCON, or any drug treatment program.  The one area that I am totally clueless is the area of Marijuana.  I for one cannot see why we have tons of people in jails and prisons for something that we should just tax the hell out of like alcohol and sell it to make money.  

Gold - Perhaps someday I will change my ideas about gold but I don't see how it is the investment we should all make.  First, there isn't enough gold in the whole world to replace the paper money in just the US. Second, if things do go all to hell how are you going to get change for a gold coin worth thousands of dollars if no one has money?  You can't eat it, if there is no money, you won't be able to sell it.   I think we would all be better off if we stockpiled water and freeze dried food.   (and guns and ammo)

Better move on from here so my butt doesn't  get glued to this chair.    Oh, by the way, I went to Kansas City to have lunch with  the Petty Girls and had a wonderful time.  The whole family is excited that there are two very pregnant ladies in the family and there are children due any time.   We also got to spend time with Elizabeth, Bobby's two year old and laughed the whole time.  I think she might know the word shy, but she isn't.


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