Different Topics for a While

I got stuck in the war stories for a while and I think I need to change the subject and move on.  Here are a few things that are on my mind right now:
  • As a basketball fan, I am surprised how the Big XII race has tightened up with three teams 8-2.  It will be a race to the end and the last half of the season will tell how it will end.  I am pretty sure that there will be four or five teams in the NCAA Championship in spite of the teams beating each other up.  I am enjoying this season in spite of the hawks losing a few.
  • I guess races are on my mind as we move into the election year for the President.  I wish that the process didn't take so long and was over today.  I guess it takes a while for people to open their eyes and see clearly.  While Newt is probably the insider that could get everyone to work together, there is a lot of people out here in the heartland that just think he is a blow hard.   I can't figure why in a nation of people that believe in freedom of religion, Romney's being a Mormon is so damned important.   Oh well.
  • There is hope for the little guy.  In a private parking lot by Fort Riley, a police officer wrote a ticket for a lady that parked too close to another car.  Both of them were hers'  She fought the ticket and finally won.  Someone with a sense of right and wrong should have looked at the entire situation and dismissed that ticket long ago.  No doubt that she and the courts spent a lot more money over this than it was worth.
  • Wasn't the Super Bowl a good thing?  I had forgotten how many people hated Madonna and how many guys loved her.  I thought she did a good job and it was a great Half Time show.  The game kept you interested right to the end.  No blow out there.  No big deal to me who won in the long run.
  • More and more I find myself in the position of defending the Westborough Baptist Church against people that want to shut them down.   In spite of the fact they are just a bunch of stupid people exercising their rights, people hate their message so much that without thinking they would be willing to give up some of our freedoms.  In addition to the right to act stupid, they have the right to Gather, Right of Free Speech and the freedom of religion in their corner.  I for one won't push for our government to stop them unless make it a law that you must be not say stupid things. I won't endanger one inch of my freedoms to stop them.  Where would it stop if our Government had the right to come in and tell us what to do or say?
  • We finally got some rain this weekend.  I think it was a little over an inch of the dog's food dish is any measure.  We might hate to be trapped inside by the rain, but we know that we needed the moisture. At least it wasn't snow in like Denver (4 Feet) or Lincoln (1 Foot)  Things could be worse. 
Enough of this, I am going to move on and finish some of the paperwork that had been on my card table for a month or so.


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