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Sunday, I listened to a Black lady on Television tell us why we needed more Federal Programs to help the disadvantaged.  Here were her points and my Counterpoints:

Point - Education is the stepping off point to having a better life.  The Government needs to step in and provide a cheaper College Education.

Counter Point - Anyone that studies history knows that the GI Bill has been one of the best things going since WWII.  What good is an education if it is given to you and it leads you to think the Government owes you one?  I sure as hell value my education and the fact that I earned it. 

Point  - We need to have training programs available for the disadvantaged.  Some day we will need more electricians, plumbers and mechanics.  Again the Government needs to step up their support.

Counter Point - Why would we need a program to teach kids to show up for work and do a job?  Isn't that the role of parents?  A good period in the Military shows you the value of haircuts, shining your shoes and being where you need to be on time every time. The GI Bill can be used in almost all schools for training as electricians, plumbers and mechanics.

Point - To pay for the new programs, we need to cut Military Spending.

Counter Point - The Constitution requires us to have a strong Military Defense.  I think the side benefits we gain from this program should lead us to a way to make it mandatory for more young people not eliminate it.  Even the Swiss have a six month mandatory Military training for all their youth.


PS - I went to Vietnam in 1968 and spent a year there helping what I thought was our national Priority.  I will not apologize for my actions, I will stand up proudly when my flag unfolds and am proud of America.


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