Just a Sunny Sunday Morning

So I went in to the Doctor's office and said, "Doc, my sex drive is too high."  He looked at me funny and said, "Dennis you know with your high blood pressure I don't recommend you use Viagra."  I replied, "Yes Doc, the drive is all in my head and I want you to lower it."     That's not a true story even if there are elements of truth woven into the fabric of the joke.

The other day, I drove out in the country trying to find a used Volvo Tractor dealer.  Man if I thought their cars were expensive, I wasn't ready for their skid loader price.  I have about three driveways that are in bad shape and need a lot of rock and a tractor to grade it with.  The ideal thing I found was a 4 wheel drive Kubota tractor that is a special at the Lawn and Garden show at  $20,000.   My dad would say, "Keerist, are you kidding?"  His Ford 9N was about $1,500 with a bush hog and a rear blade.  

Oh, I got side tracked on my BBQ story.  damned tractors...   On east 21st in Topeka, there is a new BBQ joint that is open only 11 AM to 2 PM and Friday night.  The place was busy as hell and there were a couple of Topeka Policemen eating at one of those long tables for 8.  I asked if I could sit down at one end and they said sure.  About four minutes later, their friends that were going to have lunch with them called and said they could not find a parking place so they were going to a Mexican Restaurant down the street. I noticed that they were driving one of the Typical cop cars a Crown Victoria and I mentioned that I had to replace the light control module and it was over $400.00.  They said that they have a lot of problems keeping the lights working right on their car.  It seems that the light control module on a police car is more expensive than on the standard sedan.  They have had to replace theirs twice in the 80,000 miles on the odometer.  

The subject turned to guns and I mentioned that I was fond of the Beretta 9mm.  The Topeka Department uses the Glock 9mm and all carry the standard side arm to make sure that if there was ever a fire fight you could give you buddy a clip and it would work in his gun.  It wouldn't do for someone right in the middle of a gun fight to have to unload a magazine and reload one so it would fit in his gun.  I mentioned that I bought a laser sight and they said that there was one available for the Glock but few of the regular patrolmen carried them.  They said the special weapons teams do but they don't.  They said that they aren't allowed to put the flash light clamps on their pistols.  That would mean that you would have to aim you gun at people when you are using your flashlight.  I wouldn't want to do that because people with a gun would shoot at the light and because I aim with my whole arm and people shooting at my light would probably shoot me.  

The Mayor here in Topeka was in a meeting with the Chief of Police and it was mentioned that if people would not wear hoodies, hats and sunglasses, the surveillance cameras would do a better job at identifying bad guys.  The Mayor floated an ordinance that would require people to take their hats, glasses and hoodies off when they go into banks and 7-11's.  I thought the two policemen would choke when I said, "If they outlaw hoodies, only outlaws will have hoodies."    They both took their hands and covered their badges and said no comment.  We laughed.  I laughed mostly because I could remember their names even if it was really important for me to do so.

Oh well, better move on and see what mischief I can can ether get into or stay out of.



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