Think Piece

The television tonight is busy covering a lot of topics and I wonder just what people are watching and why.
  • Why do we spend so much time praising celebrities when they drink or drug themselves to death?  I think the song "I will always Love You" was about the best song ever.  Whitney Houston struggled to keep herself together and died the way she was living.  
  • Our Government can not fix its self yet the pundits tonight almost to a man called for the Government to fix us and all of our problems.
  • Iran is working on Nuclear Power and it has the Military Industrial Complex about to wet their pants.  What do they think a Nuclear capable China, Pakistan, South Africa and the french can do?  If the Soviets didn't wipe us out, why not get back out of the race and let the rest of the world duke that one out?  We push the Iranians far enough that their leaders are warning us to back off and now we get even more excited about that.
  • Tonight an economist came on TV and told us about our political system.  He even went so far as to tell us that we don't get the right messages and that is the cause of what's wrong.  In most of his time, he only said one or two things that were purely about money and I agree that he had some good points.  The best way to cut our deficit is to raise taxes a little and cut spending a little until it evens out.  I have said that income must be equal to or greater that outgo for years.  He tried to tell us that the level of Government spending is not an indication of Government control.  If you accept one dollar of federal money, you must dance with their tune.  Another thing he said is that we probably need to have psychiatrists and sociologists looking at what ails us.  I think there is a large population of people out there that are so confused by all the crap they are getting from both sides that they have turned off and dropped out.  They are probably texting each other or playing games on their cell phones.
  •   Am I the only person that see's Ross Perot when Ron Paul speaks?  He is scary to me.  He talks about cutting the Government spending and size and wants to legalize marijuana? 
Oh well, just a note to let you know that I do see as few things other than this keyboard.    (and Sports)


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