How many things in your life do you see and then ask why would someone do that?     Here are a few of the things that cause me to ask that question:
  • Just where the heck is someone going that it is so important that they pass me on either side when I am driving my normal +2 or +3 miles above the posted limit?   I find people do this a lot more when I am driving my old truck.  Is it the age of the truck or the appearance?  Yes, years ago I was guilty of this also but it annoys me more today.
  • If you are too drunk to drive, why the heck would you give the wheel to someone as drunk as you are?  A car crashed yesterday and the owner of the car was in the passenger seat too drunk to get out of the car.  Her designated driver got out and ran away.  This is just dumb on many counts.
  • Why have we gone from an America that was built by independent actions by our citizens to a country where people think the Government must support them cradle to grave?  I don't remember any of the Economics classes telling us where the Government must save us.  There was some influence mentioned but Massive bail outs are going to save us?  
  • I see normal people have their children grow up and when they do, these people adopt a pet and it almost consumes their lives.  
  • Where have the parents gone that told us that if we work hard,  get an education and save our money we can have a happy and prosperous life? My dad told me I could make a living digging a ditch but it was a hard row to hoe.  
  • At what point do people stop worrying about their children?  At what age do they take full responsibility and rip the reins out of their parents hands?  I see this across many families not just mine.
  • Why do I put this crap in one blog when it would make about a weeks worth of Facebook?
If you have any of the answers to these questions, write them down and put them in the circular file by your computer.  I really don't want to know the answer much more than i wanted to know the questions.


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