Busy Times

You might think that the winter months would give me a lot of time to sit and contemplate.  Wrong!  My rental house became vacant at the end of December and because I was not able to work hard or long, I has taken most of January to get it ready.  I even had to hire help to paint and do floors.

With the Valentine season upon us, our throw together quartet will be busy singing between now and Monday.  It will be a lot of fun but now that Barb and I are down to one car, It does throw things into a crimp. I will try to go out in the garage and see if I can fix Dave's car so Barb can get her's back.  We'll see if perhaps I don't need to rent a van for the weekend or not.

The cleaning at the rental house has made me a lot more aware of the need to do some spring cleaning here at home.  As soon as I can find a way to play CD's while I work, I will get started at that. Perhaps next week.

Right now, KU is in control of their own destiny for the BIG XII Championship.  They are in a 3 way tie for the lead in the conference and Saturday they will get to play Oklahoma for the tie breaker.  To shop you how slow my mind is, I could not spell breaker and spell checker was little help.  I finally through the process of elimination found something it approved of.  As long as it doesn't have that squiggly red line underneath, it is what you will get.

My present to Barb is on the left
Can you tell which one I wrapped and which one Barb wrapped? 

Batter get moving if I am going to get everything done today.


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