Damn Cowboys

Well J-Hawk fans, the OK-State team hung in there in the first half and then slogged their way back in the second half for a victory.  It still leaves the Hawks in First place but the gap gets closer and closer.  This is the way Big XII fans expect the race to go.  There is just under half of the season to go.  With Wichita State still leading the Missouri Valley and KU leading the Big XII Kansas is a good place for the basketball to bounce.  Not sure what has happened to K-State as they were down preseason and then did well in the early conference race.  They have just stunk up the joint the last few games.  Texas who was way down just shut them out yesterday. 

The good news here at Rabbit Run is that I am on the cure and Barb is just really starting to suffer from the crud.  She is at least a week later into the course  than I am.  Perhaps Monday she will break down and go to the Doctor.  That is something she is not prone to do.  I really hate to see her sick. 

I went out to the metal building yesterday and took some pictures of the 57.  It really has my juices flowing and I am just waiting for the weather to break so I can get it out and running well.  Here is a few of the pictures:
Home on the Farm
Front end peeking out from under the cover
Side View 2dr Hardtop
Crager Mags with spinners
Moving on with the day.  Have a great Sunday.


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