February Snow

This morning we woke up with about an inch of snow covering the ground.  The wind is very light and it is not as cold as it could have been.  I love to go out and fetch the paper right after a snow and see all the tracks in the yard.  This morning it was mostly deer tracks but there were a few other critters out there.   Not being the best tracker, I am not sure what one set of the tracks was from.   The neighbor's dog was easy to track. 

We are nearing the end of the Men's Basketball season and it has been a blast watching the Hawks play this year.  Tonight if the weather breaks, they will travel to West Virginia and paly against the dreaded full court pressure of the Mountaineers.  The only bad part is that I will be singing tonight so I will have to DVR the game and watch it when I get home.  The good news is that I can fast forward through the time outs, advertisements and half time.  There has been a program called Major Crimes that I have put on the DVR earlier this year and it is interesting how a hour length series can be watched in less than 40 minutes (thereabouts)

There are only three more home games left for the hawks and I hope to see them all.  One of them gets in the way of the National Anthem at Washburn but I can miss one of the two games no sweat.  The fun one for me will be the Shrine Circus on Sunday.  I have a couple of ideas to introduce to the guys.  There was an excellent chorus at the Hawks game Saturday and they varied the sound so well that it sent chills up my spine.  I think the Chorus wants to blast the sound and it isn't bad but if you start the last stanza quiet the end is greater with the volume.  

This last Friday, a quartet from the chorus sang to several people for Valentine's day.   I drove the group and  took pictures.  I probably could have sung but the replacement Bass had worked hard to sing with them and I know he loves to sing so I let him.  Isn't that what good friends are for?



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