More of the Same

Yesterday we had tickets to the 3 PM game between KU and TCU.  I sure hope that ESPN has film of Tubby Smith harassing the ball boy during a time out.  He was being an ass and showed his true nature.  He should be fined by the BIG XII conference for his actions.  My momma would grab him by the ear and make him apologize to that kid.  After the game, we ran into my niece Jennifer and I wish we could have stayed in Lawrence to visit with her and her good friend Donna.   I had to rush home to get to the 7PM singing of the National Anthem for the Washburn Men's basketball game. It went great and I always enjoy singing with the guys. 

Today, at 5 PM, I am going to go to the circus and sing with the Chorus as we perform the National Anthem there.  We were all set to wear our Tux's but we will just wear our winter uniform instead.   Oh well, we won't sound any different.

Where did your family come from?  Even thought my dad was born in Bridgeport Illinois, he grew up in and around Eldorado, KS.  Mom at least went to high school there and met Dad. I think she was a junior and he was a senior and they waited until she graduated to get married.  After that, we lived in Wichita most of the time.  I think Dad went to California to work in an Aircraft plant for a year or so but mom wouldn't go there so he came back to Kansas. We lived at 544 Byrd in the shadow of the Beech Aircraft Plant.  Our back yard ended where the Beech parking lot started.  Most of the time the parking lot lights were our night light. 

Dad and Tiger Edmonds, His cousin

On a different note, Barb was living in Yermo California when we met.  That's about 10 miles east of Barstow.  I convinced her to marry me and when I came home from Vietnam we would go to Kansas to go to school.  I knew that Kansas would let her have in State Tuition and California would not do the same for me.  I thought poor Barbara, her family is all out west and she will just have to make do with mine there in Wichita.  As it turned out, they loved her as much as I did.   When we moved to Ottawa, I found out that barb was related to about one half of the town.  It seems that her Grandfather had moved from Prairie Center Kansas and had many relatives still in the area.  When they built the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant there, the people all had to move and many did to Ottawa.   In my National Guard unit there, there were at least three people related to her.  Me, not so much.

Yesterday started with snow on the ground but it soon warmed up to in the high 40's.  The snow is all gone but it was only 20 this morning with a 20 MP wind out of the north.  I sit in the breakfast room and listen to the wind chimes sing its cold tune as I read the paper.  Thank god for modern furnaces. 

What good books do you like to read?  I tend to go to books that have some adventure.  One friend of mine told me that I need to read Bill O'Reileys  book "Killing Patton."  I do love WEB Griffon and Clive Cussler's books.   I was a Steven King fan at one time but have moved on.  

Oh well, I need to move on.


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